IT Carlow’s Declan Smyth ahead of IT Sligo and the Sigerson Cup

IT Carlow begin their Sigerson Campaign once again this week. After a successful run last year IT Carlow will be hoping to go one step further this year. Meath native Declan Smyth is playing his fourth year for IT Carlow and he will be hoping to reach the Sigerson weekend again in a repeat of last years performance. 


Player name: Declan Smyth
Age: 22
Studying: Business and Management Practice
Occupation: Student
Club team: Dunsany
Club team position: Mid-field
College team position: Wing-back
Greatest sporting achievement? Reaching all ireland minor final
What is your favourite memory of playing with College? Sherry putting a lad in hospital against UL and having to finish the last 20 seconds of the game out
When did your college championship finish last year and against who? Semi final against UCC
Who has been the most difficult player to mark in the Third level education competitions before? Olan Daly
What team is the most difficult to play against third level education competitions? IT Sligo
Who is your role model in the Third level education competitions? Use to be Eoin Lynch but now it’s our keeper Samo.
Who are you playing in the first round of championship and what are your expectations of this game? IT Sligo, it will be a close game but we should win it.
What are your College team’s ambitions for the 2016 Sigerson Cup championship? Make the Sigerson weekend again.

Read teammate Tony Dever’s Player Profile here:

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