Lidl announce €1.5 million deal with LGFA

Following their creative ‘Lady Ball’ campaign, Lidl have today announced a staggering 1.5 million investment into the Ladies Gaelic Football association.

The very clear publicity stunt which promoted ‘Lady Ball’ kicked off a very controversial debate on social media with female players infuriated that there was a sports ball made especially for women. 

Fast forward two weeks and Lidl reveal a 1.5 million investment in the LGFA and claiming ownership of the publicity stunt. The idea behind the stunt was to portray how hard it is for female Irish sports stars to be taken seriously in the GAA world. The aim of the campaign according to a LFGA statement was to

 “raise awareness of the difficulties female sports persons have in getting the same recognition as their male counterparts”,

In the first year of a three year deal, Lidl will fund 1.5 million to the LGFA along with being main sponsors of National Ladies Gaelic Football Leagues, post primary schools competitions, the Gaelic4Mothers & many others programmes ran by LGFA.

President of the LGFA Marie Hickey said at the official launch of the partnership between the LGFA and Lidl and the National LGFA league that

“This is a great day for the Ladies Gaelic Football Association. We have shown continuous growth year on year and this is what has attracted such a prestigious sponsor as Lidl.

“They have immediately shown their commitment to our sport through their impressive and eye-catching advertising campaign and their financial investment in the sport will have a huge effect on the game throughout the country.

“With a partner like Lidl we know that we can continue to develop the sport and continue with the impressive growth that the game has experienced over the past decade.  This will be an exciting three years for all associated with Ladies Gaelic Football.”

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