Boylan says the GAA should consider four-point penalties

Sean Boylan believes the GAA should look into a four-point penalty in Football in order to end cynical play.

Meath Legend Boylan is a member of the playing rules committee which has made a number of recommendations for the Central Council including a mark and solo free. 

Boylan spoke to the Examiner about the current state of Gaelic Football and how there is still a huge presence of cynical play. By intorducing a heavier punishment teams would be more reluctant to cynically foul the opposition Boylan believes. 

“I put it to you this way: say somebody pulls a player down and there’s a minute to go. For doing that, instead of a black card or a yellow card there’s a penalty but that penalty would be four points and not three points,” he stated.

“Those are things I would love to see happening. In other words, you would be taking the decisions on the field of play and not in a boardroom. I would just love to see us getting to that stage.

“Are you talking about rewriting (rules) to bring clarity? When you see lots of things being sorted out (in a boardroom) that’s not the spirit of where we come from or what it’s about. That’s no disrespect to people involved in that profession but this is a game”

the four-time All-Ireland winning manager also admitted to the Irish Examiner that the introduction of the black card has worked “an awful lot”, but he still believes there can be more done to put an end to cynical play. 

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