London GAA want British army team out of club championships

The GAA was forced to intervene with London GAA’s decesion to hold a vote to remove a  British army team from their local club championships.

Páraic Duffy, The GAA Director General was compelled to interfere after Harrow-based hurling club Granuaile proposed to abolish the decesion to allow the Irish Guards compete in the junior football championship which was made last year. The Irish Guards are the first British army regiment to become associated with the GAA in London.

The proposal was prevented after Duffy made contact with the London club to stop the vote which was scheduled for Monday night in Ruislip.  Since Rule 21* was lifted in 2001, British security forces have been allowed to join the GAA

*Rule 21 of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was a rule in force from 1897 to 2001 which banned members of the British security forces from membership of the GAA and thus from playing Gaelic games.

GAA president Aogán ó Fearghail confirmed Duffy’s intervention, saying:

“I’m aware of that, it’s been brought to my attention.

“Páraic and I have had discussions on it and Páraic, in discussion with myself, we’ve written to the London GAA board and we’ve asked them not to make a decision on that until we, as a management, have a look at that.

“Because it’s nothing to do with one club, it’s all clubs. We’ve close to 2,000 clubs, if we accept a club into our association, having done that, then it shouldn’t be so simple to just remove them.”

Ò Fearghail stated that the unresolved issue will be discussed at the management committee meeting on Friday night.

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