Player Profile of Meath and IT Carlow’s Jack Fagan

IT Carlow are facing UCC in the HE Division 1 league final tonight. Ahead of this game Meath’s Jack Fagan has completed a player profile talking about IT Carlow’s campaign in 2016 and his career as a hurler so far. Jack was recently named as guaranteedannmarie’s Man Of The Match after a super display against WIT. 

Player name:  Jack Fagan

Age: 20

Studying: Sports management & coaching (GAA) in IT Carlow

Club team: Rathmolyon

County team: Meath

Club team position: Centre forward

College team position: Full forward

jack fagan

Greatest Sporting achievement: Winning HE League in 2014 with IT Carlow and winning hurler of the year for IT Carlow hurling team.

What is your favourite memory of playing with College? When I got the chance to play alongside with Kevin Ryan

When did your college championship finish last year and against who? Lost to LIT in the quarter-finals of the championship last year.

What are you expectations for tomorrow’s league final vs UCC? Very tough game hopefully we come out on top were all looking forward to it!

Who has been the most difficult player to mark in the Higher level education competitions before? Jack Brown

What team is the most difficult to play against Higher level education competitions? Mary I are always tough to play against

Who is your role model in the Higher level education competitions? Hmmm though one!! My role model would be between Kevin Ryan, Mark Russell, Tommy Gallagher or probably Jack Alton!

What are your College team’s ambitions for the 2016 Higher level education championship? My goal would be to make the weekend away to the Fitzgibbon Cup semi & final in 2016.

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