IT Carlow book league quarter-final spot defeating neighbours WIT

The 2014 HEC league winners IT Carlow are making their league intentions very clear and hoping to bring the HEC Cup back to Carlow once again.

IT Carlow 3-18 WIT 0-9

A very strong IT Carlow side defeated WIT with ease in IT Carlow last Wednesday night. From when the ball was first thrown in IT Carlow were the superior team scoring 2-13 in the first half alone. Corner forward Tommy Nolan set the pace for ITC as the Tipperary native catching the ball over the head of Conor Brophy to pop over the first score of the game.  Picky Maher added Carlow’s second from a free. The first of the three IT Carlow’s goals came after the skillful Jack Fagan took the ball on the hurl to handpass to Picky Maher who eventually found Rark Russell who rattled the WIT net. Mid-fileder Kevin Kelly and free taker Maher hit IT Carlow’s next two points before WIT hit their first score when a IT Carlow handpass was intercepted and John Doyle made no mistake to punish. Michael Reddin then added his name to the score sheet twice when the wing forward dispossessed John Henderson to point and also winning the next puckout to extend IT Carlow’s lead even more.

IT Carlow seemed fitter over all as the home side used handpasses to by pass the Waterford team as ITC dominated the final ten of the first half. Points from Cha Dwyer, Tommy Nolan (3), Jack Fagan and a huge free from number 1 Enda Rogan IT Carlow were booking their spot in the HEC league Quarter-final. To add this this period of dominance Carlow native James Doyle found the net as his club and college teammate Martin Kavanagh found the full-forward to push IT Carlow 15 points ahead at half time. 

Keeper Enda Rogan continued his scoring streak after a long range free was awarded to the home side just after the break for the man between the posts to score with ease. Finbar Butler did his best to keep WIT alive as the corner forward set up Jerome Maher for a point before hitting his own score. WIT exchanged points from Maher, Steven Roche and a Gerry Lane free in the second half but IT Carlow continued to command the game with points from Kevin Kelly, Martin Kavanagh and a goal from Jack Fagan as the centre-forward caught the ball over the head of Ollie Dempsey to finish WIT’s dreams of progressing any further in their league campaign. 

Match analysis:

The Teams:

IT Carlow: Enda Rogan, Kevin Hanifan, Tommy Gallagher, Ross Browne, Diamian Healy, Will Young, Dwane Palmer, Kevin Kelly, Mark Russell, Michael Reddin, Jack Fagan, Stephen ‘Picky’ Maher, Cha Dwyer, James Doyle, Tommy Nolan

WIT: Mark Fanning, Conor Brophy, Ger Teehan, Rob O’Leary, Jeromne Maher, Shane Ryan, Frank McGrath, Tom Moran, John Henderson, Steven Roche, Craig Guiry, Gerry Lane, Finbar Butler, Mark Lynch, John Doyle.

Player of the match: IT Carlow’s hurler of the year 2015 Jack Fagan dominated the game at centre-forward. The number 11 scored 1-1 along with setting up a number of scores for the ITC side.

Moment of the match: WIT could not answer IT Carlow’s scores in the first half as the home side comfortably hit scores from 9 players around the field. IT Carlow had 1-9 on the scoreboard to a single point sixteen minutes in. 

Score of the match: Tommy Nolan’s point mid-way through the first half was a perfect example of skill and teamwork. Jack Fagan won the ball in the center showing great composure and skill to then pick out Nolan on the wing to strike over the bar.


IT Carlow: Enda Rogan 0-2, Kevin Kelly 0-2, Mark Russell 1-1, Michael Reddin 0-2, Jack Fagan 1-1, Stephen ‘Picky’ Maher 0-4 (0-3f’s), Cha Dwyer 0-1, James Doyle 1-0, Tommy Nolan 0-4, Martin Kavanagh 0-1, 

WIT: Jeromne Maher 0-2, Tom Moran 0-1, Steven Roche 0-1, Gerry Lane 0-2, Finbar Butler 0-1, Mark Lynch 0-1, John Doyle 0-1.


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