Dublin and Armagh faced with €10,000 fines

Dublin and Armagh will appeal the €10,000 fine handed to their by the CHC (Central Hearings Committee) after their challenge game resulted in Davy Byrne receiving serious facial injuries during the incident.

The appeal will be contested tonight just three days away from Dublin’s All-Ireland semi-final against Mayo. Byrne who was one of the main players involved in the incident served a one match ban during the quarter-final game over Fermanagh as he was one of two players given a one-match ban.

Armagh are also set to appeal the fine to the Central Hearings Committee (CHC) which arose in the challenge game before throw in. The €10,000 fine that has been recommended by the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) will be contested tonight at a meeting in Croke Park.

Dublin GAA will also contest the ban handed to Liam Rushe against Waterford in the All-Ireland Qaurter-final when Rushe was dismissed for an incident with forward Maurice Shanahan. 

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