Shopping tips for College

As much as we try to deny it, money for groceries always looses out when it comes to college. Here are a few hints a tip to keep your budget a bit bigger for other activities in college.

  • The first grocery shop for college is going to be expensive no matter what you do, buying frozen goods and basics such as potatoes and pasta will all have to be gathered up for the coming year so the rest of the year will be cheap.
    • Hint: there is no real escaping the cost of your first shop, try persuade your parents to buy some of the basics, no doubt they already will. Or go shopping with your parents the week before college, parents know the best deals and offer and can enlighten you for what lies ahead in college
  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Salt, Pepper, Cleaning products are all products that everyone in your house/apartment/dorm etc will use. Suggest to your house mates to make a kitty for these items whatever it may be €2 a week. At the end of the year it can be divided back up whatever is left over. Otherwise you can ask your housemates to buy some of the items and you buy the others. 
    • Hint: As bad as it  sounds, taking items from home such as cleaning products is probably the cheapest and easiest, just remind your parents to buy them back in the following weeks shop.
    • Hint: Offer to share the first shop with your housemates all put in €15 and shop together to buy what is needed to survive for the first week. (that’s if your willing to share food of course.)


  • Aldi really is the place to shop as a college student, noodles for 30c, vegetables for 39c (most of the time). It really is a life saver for broke college students.
  • When it comes to meat try local butchers they usually offer the best value for meat and you can be guaranteed its the meat that it is labelled.
  • Freezer food. Food in the freezer is probably the easiest and best option as a student travelling up and down each weekend. Be aware that pizzas take up a lot more room than you think and taking items out of their packaging and putting them into freezer bags.
  • Make sure to empty all items that may go off/ out of date on a Friday if no one is staying in the house over the weekend.

Read the College house checklist or what to bring to College here:

2 comments on “Shopping tips for College

  1. Great tips. Be sure to use your .edu address to get discounts on different restaurants and home and office supplies. It will help save money on the essentials.

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