Wexford camogie’s appeal progresses to hearing

Following Wednesday’s appeal from Wexford Camogie  in relation to their semi-final vs Galway, ‘The Yellow Bellies’ women have secured a hearing to appeal the decisions that they have felt they were hard done by. 

Wexford were defeated after a late Niamh McGrath ’45 was scored outside the additional four allocated by Cork native referee Cathal Egan.  Wexford are appealing to the National Transfers Hearings and Disciplinary Committee (NTHDC) on the grounds of 

  1. 41.5 – Referee must not overrule two umpires
  2. 41.6 – Timekeeping

Wexford leader Kate Kelly seemed to have hit a first half point in which referee Cathal Egan over ruled his two umpires who seemed to agree it was a point.

This isn’t they first time Wexford have been caught up in Camogie drama as earlier in the year they were involved the in the ‘Coin Toss’ debacle over who qualified for a quarter-final position. 

There has been mixed reaction to the appeal on social media site Twitter this week

What do you think? 

Read more on the appeal here:

2 comments on “Wexford camogie’s appeal progresses to hearing

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