Camogie Association may be in hot water once again

County Boards, Provencal councils and National Associations deal with disasters all the time but the Camogie Association will certainly say goodbye to 2015 with a smile on their face. After the coin toss debacle the Camogie Association was left red faced and could be once again after last weekends semi-final between Galway and Wexford finished with a point point victory for Galway in the 66th minute after four minutes was the amount of time allocated for the injury time. 

Wexford have begun their appeal under two rules which are 

  1. 41.5 – Referee must not overrule two umpires
  2. 41.6 – Timekeeping

The appeal has been handed over to the National Transfers Hearings and Disciplinary Committee (NTHDC), with the NTHDC having just a week to begin a hearing after all of the evidence is submitted and there is enough reason to begin a hearing.

Read the match report between Wexford and Galway here:

4 comments on “Camogie Association may be in hot water once again

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