Hawkeye becoming quite literally a part of Croke Park

Rather than the electronic version of hawkeye, there will be a real life Hawkeye in Croke Park in the coming weeks.

A real life Hawk will be living in the Stadium to tackle the increasing pigeon problem in the grounds. The GAA has resorted to the Hawk as a last resort as the pests feast on the grass seed used to keep the place of dreams in perfect condition. 

The pigeons who returned to the pitch a number of times in last Saturday’s All-Ireland Senior Football quarter-final double-bill. 

Saduim director Peter McKenna is told the Irish independent today that

“Croke Park is a McDonald’s for pigeons at present, We are putting grass seed down on a continuous basis and they like to drop in for a treat. They obviously find it very tasty. They’re probably not really pigeons either, they’re more kind of vermin. I mean, the wood pigeon which is a beautiful bird and very timid, these are quasi-breed really you know, to be honest. What we want to do is scare them away.”

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