CCCC to investigate Armagh and Dublin challenge game

Last week it came to light that in a challenge game between Armagh and Dublin left Dublin player Davy Byrne seriously injured and was forced not to tog out for his Leinster final clash with Westmeath last Sunday. 

As a result The GAA’s Central Competition Controls Committee are rumoured to be investigating the incident which left Byrne with multiple facial injuries. It is also rumoured that the CCCC have watched the footage from the challenge game but the video of the game is believed to be inconclusive. 

The game was refereed by Longford native Fergal Kelly, but his post match report had no reference to the incident and the GAA are looking for more information in relation to the incidents from both counties that were involved in the fight. 

Jim Gavin made some brief comments on the incident last week

“Regrettably, an incident took place before a recent challenge game against Armagh, “It’s disappointing because I think discipline would be a core philosophy of both management teams. “Subsequent to that both players have spoken and they regret what happened and both players are now concentrating on their inter-county careers.”

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