Meet the Player: Isreal Ilunga Dowling

As the college year closes there are still some outstanding player profiles to be posted. Westmeath native Isreal Ilunga was part of the fresher football team and is sure to continue up into Sigerson ranks in 2016. Here is his player profile:


Name: Israel Ilunga
Age: 18
Club: Rosemount
Course: GAA
Sport: GAA (football)
Greatest sport achievement: Winning an All-Ireland with Westmeath
Biggest influence on sporting career: James Carroll
Favourite position: Mid-Field
Toughest opponent to mark: Callum McCormack
If you could invite any 3 people for dinner who would it be? James Carroll, Tommy Carr and Dessie Dolan
Typical Saturday Night: Spend time with the family 
Typical Student Night: Training or sleeping after a hard day.
Advice to Young Players: Keep at it and if you want it bad enough you will make it happen
Best thing about playing GAA in IT Carlow: The opportunity to develop as a player and playing at the highest level


Read other player profiles here:

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