2014 Fitzgibbon Champions WIT dismiss IT Carlow with ease

IT Carlow opened their Fitzgibbon championship campaign with a defeat at the hands of 2014 champions Waterford IT on a bitter cold Thursday night in January.

First blood went to the home side with a free from Stephen ‘Picky’ Maher which was quickly cancelled out by a Pauric Mahoney free. Seconds later corner forward Liam McGrath pointed and after this Waterford never came in touching distance of IT Carlow again. Positional numbers meant nothing to the Waterford side as named centre-back Aussie Gleeson found himself operating at full-forward when he scored WIT’s first goal of the game. Two more goals from Ciaran O Brien and Pauric Mahoney pushed WIT ahead in the closing stages of the game when Carlow had a purple patch. Waterford were reduced to 14 men almost two minutes into the second half when Tom Fox was given his marching orders for an off the ball challenge.

Jack Fagan caused a lot of trouble for the WIT full back line, he may have only scored 0-1 but he won ample of frees to keep his side scoring. Stephen Maher was the main scoring man for Carlow hitting seven of Carlow’s nine points all from placed balls, the final score coming from Captain Ian Byrne.  Superb performances from Will Young and Micheal Harney kept Carlow ball moving forward to the danger zone.

Although Waterford IT won comfortably they did had a huge wide tally after the first half alone, but the 2014 Fitzgibbon winners had enough experience and composure to beat the 2014 league champions.  Next up for each side is

Carlow IT: Ian Byrne 0-1, Stephen Maher 0-7 (7 f’s), Jack Fagan 0-1

Waterford IT: Liam McGrath 0-2, Gavin O’Brien 0-1, Jake Dillion 0-1, Pauric Mahoney 1-7 (3 f’s, 3 ‘65’s), Harry Kehoe 0-1, Austin Gleeson 1-0 Ciaran O Brien 1-0

6 comments on “2014 Fitzgibbon Champions WIT dismiss IT Carlow with ease

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