Calls to end Inter-County Sigerson players

Hoganstand today reported how Roscommon player Cathal Cregg and DCU professor Niall Moyna have made calls for Inter-county players to be banned from the Sigerson Cup College competition.

Cregg who once won a Sigerson title with DCU and DCU professor believe the workload for football players is becoming too demanding and eventually something will give. These calls follow the comments of the Sunday Game football analyst Joe Brolly.

Connaught strength and conditioning coach Cregg told the Irish times that

“My belief is that whatever way you do it the training load has to be taken off at that age group. Whatever way you do it is open for debate, but there’s no other way of achieving that apart from removing players from some of the competitions. There are three competitions there for elite players: the U21 championship, the national league and the Sigerson, which are all happening at the one time, so they’re all trying to prepare for that and do their best. Re-scheduling the fixtures or stopping players from playing in competitions is the most obvious option for all alleviating that. If I were a coach or player in that category, I’d want to play in all of these competitions, but I think the decision should simply be taken away from him and his coach – within reason – and that’s the only way forward for the game and the players welfare.”

DCU boss Moyna continued that

“I think Cathal’s view makes sense. We’re running competitions concurrently and all of them are training at different stages in the preparation cycle. Ideally, I’d like to revisit the proposals of Burnout Task Force, which replaces the inter-county U21 grade and minor grades with one U19 level. Anything that restricts the number of teams one player can play for will help. There are two ways of looking at it though, in that the Sigerson and Fitzgibbon Cups have been running longer than the minor or u21 championship’s or even the national leagues, so there’s a legacy issue there. But the word has changed since 1911. Managers in colleges would still have a good selection of players to choose from.”

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