IT Carlow take part in 12 hour pella marathon

IT Carlow took part in a 12 hour fundraising marathon on Tuesday last which over 100 players from nine different GAA teams from each Camogie, hurling, football and ladies football took part.

The marathon was held using an indoor version of Gaelic Games known as Pella. Each hour five a side teams took to the indoor hall in the Barrow centre with some players playing a number of hours of games showing their fitness.

2014-12-09 17.19.27


Some players also played both the indoor version of hurling and football to ensure the 12 hour straight 9am- to 9pm marathon didn’t stop.

*Note to reader:

Pucpella is a GAA recreational game which involves using indoor hurlers and instead of a goals a high hoop with is placed on a wall each end of a wall. To find out more about Pella check out their website here:


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