2015 All-Ireland Camogie league fixtures

Fixtures – Clár na gCluichí 2015

The Camogie association announced their provisional fixtures for the 2015 league campaign.


Round 1
Cork v Clare
Round 1
Galway v Limerick
Tipperary v Offaly
Dublin v Derry

 Round 1
Antrim v Galway
Laois v Kildare
Westmeath v Wexford
Cork v Down
Kilkenny v Meath
Waterford v Tipperary


Sun 08/03/2015 Round 2Wexford v Offaly
Limerick v Tipperary
Cork v Kilkenny
Clare v Dublin

Round 2

Laois v Antrim
Wexford v Kildare
Galway v Westmeath
Down v Meath
Tipperary v Kilkenny
Cork v Waterford


Sun 15/03/2015

Round 3Limerick v Wexford
Tipperary v Galway
Kilkenny v Derry
Dublin v Cork
Round 3Kildare v Galway
Westmeath v Antrim
Wexford v Laois
Kilkenny v Down
Cork v Tipperary
Meath v Waterford
Sun 22/03/2015

Round 4
Offaly v Galway
Wexford v Tipperary
Derry v Clare
Kilkenny v Dublin

Round 4
Galway v Laois
Westmeath v Kildare
Antrim v WexfordMeath v Cork
Waterford v Kilkenny
Down v Tipperary

05/04/2015EASTER SUNDAY Round 5Offaly v Limerick
Galway v Wexford
Derry v Cork
Clare v Kilkenny

Round 5

Galway v Wexford
Kildare v Antrim
Laois v Westmeath
Down v Waterford
Kilkenny v Cork
Tipperary v Meath

Sun 19/04/2015

Div 1 Semi Finals (Incl E.T)

Div 2 Semi Finals (Incl E.T)    
Sun 03/05/2015

Div 1 League Final

Div 2 League Final

Sun10/05/2015 Div 1 League Final Replay

Div 2 League Final Replay



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