IT Carlow’s Meet the players: Chloe Kelly

In conjunction with IT Carlow, has joined up to report on GAA games but also to introduce supporters to the players. This week in relation to the Westmeath senior ladies player and IT Carlow footballer Chloe Kelly was the first of the two featured players of the week.


Photo credit: Sportsfile

Photo credit: Sportsfile

Name: Chloe Kelly
Age: 20
Club: Clann gaels
Sport: Gaelic Football
Greatest sport achievement: Winning 2010 club championship for camogie and Gaelic was one that I won’t forget.
Biggest influence on sporting career: I know its a typical answer and I could choose someone famous for the sake of it but realistically I would not be playing football at all if it wasn’t for my dad. He got me into football when he started up the underage in multyfarnham, there was 8 of us at the start,which included my two cousins and from there my love for the game just grew. He has a major influence as he is brutally honest when it comes to the way I play so when he says “Yeah you had a good game I have to say now” then I know I can be happy!
Favourite position: Wing forward
Toughest opponent to mark:
Club: I have to go with my own team mate at training sessions, Annie Dolan is a gifted player. She’s very hard to mark because she is so versatile!
County: Last Years All Ireland qualifiers when I tracked back I found myself in the back line coming up against Cora Staunton. I didn’t realise she was so strong! Haha! She’s definitely the toughest for many I would say!
If you could invite any 3 people for dinner who would it be? Peter Coonan (who plays Fran in Love/Hate for a bit of craic) David Beckham, he has the most perfect family! and Gooch Cooper, growing up he was always my favorite player and still is. His left foot, his style of play, just everything makes him the best around.
Typical Saturday Night: If I don’t go out generally it involves sitting In front of the fire watching a film or the x factor with a big husky! I need to calm down I’m too much craic!
Typical Student Night: Unfortunately with so much work it doesn’t involve going out much. My typical student night involves coming home from training and running to the shower before Ellen Healy (she complains I take too long) and after that Listening to her talk about the stresses of life over many cups of tea or watching a film with my housemates! A night out consists of playing our football game Zumi Zumi but this year its rare!
Advice to Young Players: Give training sessions your ultimate effort and it will pay off, you can only play at the top level till a certain age so enjoy it and play every game as if its your last.
Best thing about playing GAA in IT Carlow: I’m very lucky to be apart of such a professional club. Every team whether it be men’s or ladies,camogie or football, we are all very well looked after and each team supports each other so the professionalism and the community within the club is really great

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