IT Carlow’s Meet the players: Dylan Murray

In conjunction with IT Carlow, has joined up to report on GAA games but also to introduce supporters to the players. The first of this weeks “Meet the player” is Kilcormac Killoughey man Dylan Murray.

2014-11-18 11.47.31

Photo credit: Sportsfile


Name: Dylan Murray
Age: 19
Course: Sports and exercise GAA.
Sport: Hurling
Club: Kilcormac Killoughey
Greatest sport achievement: AIB Leinster club champions 2012 and fresher hurling league division 1 winners 2014.
Biggest influence on sporting career: Christy Hand and Stephan Byrne (Club Trainers over the years).
Favourite position: Mid-Field
Toughest opponent to mark:
Club: Conor Doughan.
County: Liam Varley (Westmeath).
If you could invite any 3 people for dinner who would it be? Steven Gerrard, Cheryl Cole and Colin ‘Sky sports’ Dunford.
Typical Saturday night: Head dwn to the local (feigherys) and see where the night takes me from there.
Typical student night: Go wherever the house party is I suppose with a few of the lads and hopefully try not to break anything before heading to the nightclub.
Advice to Young Players: Practice every chance you get and listen to your coaches around you!!
Best thing about playing GAA in IT Carlow: There is coaches there that can help you improve into the athlete you want to be and you have the facilities there to do that. IT Carlow have some of the best facilities in the country for GAA players!!

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