Tipp’s Seamus Callanan tops Championship score table

Seamus Callanan from Drom-Inch Tipperary has scored the most in the 2014 championship with an incredible 9-50 (77points) to his name.Callanan also scored 2-5 in their All-Ireland hurling final replay vs Kilkenny, pushing himself easily in front of second place TJ Reid. Callanan scoring 9-16 from play alone still sits on top of the table when taking out his scores from frees. Here is the top five hurling scores of 2014.

2014 GAA Hurling Championship Top 5 Scorers 

Player Score Placed Balls From Play Total
Séamus Callanan (Tipperary) 9-50 0-34 9-16 77
TJ Reid (Kilkenny) 4-53 0-43 4-10 65
Paul Shiels (Antrim) 1-56 0-44 1-12 59
Patrick Horgan (Cork) 2-43 2-33 0-10 49
Shane Dowling (Limerick) 4-36 1-28 3-8 48

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