Phone Apps needed for college

It might be the last thing on your mind but some phone apps can really help to make college life a lot easier.

Here are a list of my important 15:

  • Boozedoc
    • If you haven’t heard of this app, it’s about to become a very important app of your college life. Boozedoc uses your location and shows where the best deals are on what alcohol  you drink, whether its for a night out or a party ahead; Boozedoc has your money’s worth in alcohol.


  • Halo
    • Halo is Ireland’s new taxi app. Most cabs will give you a pass with €5 off your next fare which you enter into the code when you book your taxi. Its a handy app to have if your just new to a city.
  • Justeat
    • For all you take away junkies (like me) justeat will become for best friend in college for all the wrong and right reasons. It finds your location and the nearest takeaways. You can choose from a delivery or collection and you can see the company’s menu in your hand.


  • Countdownclock
    • Whether its assignments, ragweek, holidays or just the next night out the countdownclock app cant help count down those day to let you know how soon or how far away a date is.
  • iTube
    • iTube is a music app that lets you save songs on youtube and you can listen them with or without wifi. It’s a good app to have for working out in the gym or walking to college or making a playlist to listen to before you go out.
  • Facebook
    • I think nearly everyone is on Facebook at this stage but just in case, Facebook lets you stay connected with all the new friends you make nearly all the time. Most class reps will also create a Facebook group for your class as a discussion board to discuss class topics.


  • Twitter
    • Like Facebook, Twitter  lets you stay connected with all the new friends you make. Some classes may also have #codes for the year or a class twitter. Make sure to click turn on mobile notification if your class do have a twitter so you never miss a tweet.
  • Blackboard
    • Blackboard is the educational college app. until you register and get your college details you wont be able to log on, but when you do blackboard will hold all your course files, documents, assignments in your hand and not your computer.
  • Snapchat
    • Snapchat has become more than just a way to communicate. College pubs usually run snapchat competitions through the year, and now that it has the chat aspect too staying in touch with those close and far will be no problem.


  • Googlemaps
    • I think this one is self explanatory. You’re in a new town and you cant find a place/shop etc. Google maps will help until you know youre way around town.
  • Email
    • When your in College, your main contact detail is email from the college. So whether you register with your own email or with the college keep checking it daily for class cancellations, assignments, projects etc.
  • Dropbox
    • Dropbox is perfect for anyone who would lose a memory stick. (I use this daily). You can download it on your phone to also back up all the recent photos you have take of your crazy college adventure. Just remember if you do put an assignment on dropbox you need a wifi connection to access it unless you favourite it.
  • Banking app
    • Banking apps are extremely handy when you don’t want to have a breakdown at the ATM looking at how much money you spent the night before. Banks also run student competitions and offers so keep your eye out.
  • Shazam
    • Shazam is a music app that finds out the name of a song for you. It records a 30sec piece and sends it to return a result. Don’t worry it also save if you have no internet connection to check when you finally get some.


  • Find my iphone app
    • I think this is a must in College. So you’ve had one too many and left your phone/bag somewhere. Find my iphone lets you log in with your apple ID and locate your phone and it rings to find it if its at home.

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