96 things to bring to College. P4

Packing for college can be a nightmare so I have compiled a list of most of the obvious and not so obvious things that you must remember when packing for the big move. List is not rated by the most important pieces needed but just a general list of everything not to forget! Part 3 contains another 20 items that should not be forgotten when packing. Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of the list also. 🙂

Photo: jillrussofoster.com

Photo: jillrussofoster.com

61.Pain and fever relief

  • You never know when in the middle of the night or dealing with hangovers when you will get a pain. Panadol/nuerfon is always handy to have on hand.

62. Photos and picture frame/Posters

  • Check the lease if you have permission to put posters/photos on the wall first.

63. Nail clippers/Nail file
64. Shaving items

  • Razor, shaving cream and aftershave for males/Shaving lotion, gel or body wash for shaving
Photo: Collegehumour.com

Photo: Collegehumour.com

65. Laundry detergent
66. Safe or lockbox for valuables.
67. Good shoes

  • As much as Penney’s shoes look good, they don’t last very long or keep out the water. Invest in a proper pair of boots or runners that can keep the water out for those long walks to college on wet mornings

68. Soap:

  • bar/ handsoap/ shower gel to keep yourself squeaky clean!!

69. Folders

  • with pockets and three-prongs

70.  Cleaning Sponges

  • get one for cleaning dishes, another for cleaning your bathroom or bedroom

71. Towels

  • at least two sets each of bath towel, hand towel, face towel, tea towels etc

72. Calendar:

  • to keep track of the date and days; nights out, games, club events, other events and assignments,

73. Febreze:

  • good to temporarily rid clothes/blankets/pillows, etc) from odours

74. Umbrella- a good, sturdy one
75. Video game console/Video game

  • All to pass the time and bond with other people.

76. Multi-vitamins

  • especially vitamin C, when you’re trying to keep your immune system up around cold season and when your diet isn’t right compared to the healthy dinners you had before you managed to feed yourself!

77. Water proof coat

  • People forget its Ireland we live in and although we like to fool ourselves and think it’s a ‘nice day outside’. No matter how close or far you live from college you never know if it’s going to rain after class or just after you leave the house.
Photo: slodive.com

Photo: slodive.com

78. Face cleaner
79. Tampons/pads
80. Coldsore cream

Read part five of 96 things to bring to college, Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of the list also. 🙂

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