96 things to bring to College. P2

Packing for college can be a nightmare so I have compiled a list of most of the obvious and not so obvious things that you must remember when packing for the big move. Part 2 contains another 20 items that should not be forgotten when packing. Check out P1 also of the list. List is not rated by the most important pieces needed but just a general list of everything not to forget!

college bound

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21. Washing up liquid
22. Comb or hairbrush
23. Tweezers
24. Shampoo /Conditioner (hair)/ Soap or body wash
25.Condoms/birth control pills/contraceptives etc.

  • Ok guys lets be serious, it’s better to be safe than sorry whether you’re a girl or a boy. College Student Unions have special offers or free condoms just ask. Don’t forget your sexual health when shopping for college!

26. Suntan lotion/Sun screen/after sun
27. Tan/Tanning mitt
28. Contacts/Contact lens case/Contact lens solution/Glasses/Eye drops
29. Toilet roll or other facial tissue/Paper towels


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30. Containers: small plastic or mesh containers for small accessories (paperclips/tape/white-out/jewellery/makeup)

31. Laptops and desktops/Laptop case

  • for work/studying, but plays your music and DVDs as well

32. Cotton facial pads /Cotton buds

  • For cleaning the insides of your ears, for applying or removing make-up,etc:
  • For applying or removing foundation and other make-up, also for applying facial lotions, toners.

33. Bedside Lamp (if needed)
34. Curling iron (hair) /Straightening iron (hair)
35. Bed sheets

  • Duvet
  • Sheets
  • Pillows

36. Passport photo


Photo: guy-sports.com

37. Blanket: fleece or thermal

  • You’ll be lucky to have a warm house without paying a lot for heating, make sure to have a heavy warm blanket so you’re not sleeping in a jumper and tracksuits

38. Tape dispenser and refills
39. Extension lead

  • Depending on how modern your college house is, there might only be one socket in your room and depending on where it is in the room charging your phone and ding college work might be a problem. Have one just in case!

40. Jeans

Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of the 96 things to bring to college

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