College house checklist:

As the leaving cert results come out and offers become available a college checklist is very important. Accommodation which means choosing where to stay for the college year. I’ve created this handy list of items to look out for when choosing your college home so you have less to worry about. Just remember whatever they don’t have you will more than likely have to buy. Hope this helps so moving to college is less stressful!


  1. Brush or short-handled brush with dustpan
  2. Can opener
  3. Bins or boxes to store papers/folders
  4.  Microwave
  5. Bins inside
    • Instead of travelling to a bin outside every time something is needed to be thrown away check for a bin inside and that it is big enough not to be emptied everyday or couple of hours.
  6. Bottle openerBeer-Tracker-Bottle-Opener
  7. Cooking pans and pots
  8. Desk chair—college houses usually provide a desk chair, but it probably isn’t as comfortable as the one you probably have at home. Remember you could be spending all night studying for tests make sure it’s comfortable.
  9. Desk lamp
  10. Drying rack/ Clothes line  (for wet laundry—if it is wet outside and you need to dry clothes)
  11. Eating Utensils: make sure there are sets of knives, spoons, forks, cups, mugs, plates, bowls, glassesil_570xN.470577348_3cgz
  12. Iron
  13. Ironing board
  14. Mirror– a good mirror, or full length, lighting or small mirrors can be a problem in College houses.
  15.  Mop
  16. Bucket: get a strong one for use in cleaning/mopping
  17. Pillows
  18.  Mattress cover
    • If your college house does provide a mattress cover or pillows I would advise to bring your own, you don’t know what happened there last year.
  19. Radio/stereo
  20. Sofa /couch or armchairs in the sitting room.
    • For those pre-drinks or to cosy up and watch TV after a long day of study!
  21. Vacuum/hoover: any sort of lightweight hoover  will do. It doesn’t need to be an expensive, huge vacuum to get the job completed but if it is small it is more likely to break.
  22. Toaster
  23. TV
    • Some college houses don’t provide TV’s to avoid paying  for TV licences, if they don’t provide one have one prepared that you can transport up and back to college.Netflix-Watching-TV
  24. DVD player
    • Whether the house has a dvd player or whether to invest in a HDMI cable to watch films from your laptop.
  25. Internet access software/wiring
    •  Unfortunately we almost need wifi to exist make sure your house offers wifi or invest in a portable wifi stick usually available from mobile phone companies. Test the signal too in the room you plan on staying in.


Really hope this post helps and feel free to share it to your friends in this situation. Happy house hunting 🙂

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